It’s ‘So Easy’ to Be Myself With Trevor Donovan

The perfect match. Reflecting on their performance during Dancing With the Stars‘ James Bond-themed night, Emma SlaterShe gave her partner a special shoutout Trevor Donovan.

“I think it’s so easy to be myself with Trevor,” the professional dancer, 33, told Us WeeklyAfter the Monday, October 3 episode, the reporter followed up with the actor, 41.

Donovan, for his part, offered a glimpse at their dynamic, saying, “We have a very familiar and light chemistry. It’s a fun thing. It can show up as passion on the dance floor, but we’re just having fun. We have fun every day we rehearse even when she’s about to explode because I’m doing things wrong that I used to do right.”

The 90210 alum continued: “But it’s the levity and the lightness of our friendship and stuff, I think, that really translates to the dance. So we’re just 100 percent comfortable with each other.”

Trevor Donovan, Emma Slater
ABC/Eric McCandless

Slater stated that the duo approach every episode as a new challenge. “You have to get into the character and you’ve gotta make it believable,” she shared. “You have to live it and feel it yourself. And I think we are both emotional feeling type of people and so it’s easy.”

Donovan and Slater were awarded a 27/40 rating for their tango tones on Monday. Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name.” Judge Carrie Ann InabaLater, the pair were praised for their dedication to the dance.

“What was really most impressive to me [was] the focus you had on Emma,” Inaba, 54, told Donovan and Slater. “I could have dove, [or] rolled in between you and you wouldn’t have even noticed. I think that’s so powerful and what’s creating something so special between you guys. There’s incredible chemistry between you, obviously, but well danced.”

The choreographer and the Hallmark star’s onscreen chemistry has been a topic of conversation since their debut during season 31 of DWTS. After performing a rumba to Elvis week, cohost Alfonso Ribeiro put the twosome on the spot when he asked if their acting skills were “real” on the dance floor.

“If you’re really doing a good job acting, it all comes from the truth so there’s something real in every performance,” the Love, Lost & FoundStar replied late last month, after scoring a 30/40 score with Slater.

The Australia native later revealed she “couldn’t believe” they were asked that on stage. “I was like, ‘That question! Like, wow, just out the blue.’ But I think Trevor’s right, like, and we’ve spoken about this too — and by the way, we genuinely get on really well, like, rehearsals go so quick,” she told Us. “We really do get on and have great chemistry, which made this dance so much easier. But then when Alfonso asked that question, I was so glad you answered because I was like, ‘I can’t.’”

Season 31 is just a few weeks away Usebroke the news about Slater and his fellow DWTSPro Sasha FarberTheir marriage ended after four years. Donovan was previously very private about his personal life.

Dancing With the StarsAirs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Disney+ ET. You can see more from Donovan & Slater in the video above.