It’s ‘Hard’ to See Kyle Move On

Finding her way. Deepti VempatiShe revealed her true feelings about the topic Kyle AbramsThey found love so quickly after their split.

“At first it was hard because, you know, obviously I care about him,” the 31-year-old reality star exclusively told Us Weeklyon Thursday, September 22, “But I have met [his girlfriend] before and she’s very sweet and, you know, I just want the best for him.”

Vempati, 30, met Abrams, 30 while filming season 2 Love is blindThe series aired from February to March. While the duo didn’t end up together on the show, they formed a close bond. After months of romance speculation — and talking about missed opportunities during the reunion in March — the twosome both appeared on After the Altar: Love is blindThe film premiered in September.

Deepti and Kyle insetted.
Courtesy Deepti/Instagram. Inset : Netflix

The three-episode series was filmed in spring 2022, and finished in April. This is when Vempati & Abrams began to date. The pair’s romantic relationship, however, ended that summer, which the Illinois native announced on September 19 via social media.

Vempati, for her, spoke Use on Thursday how hard it’s been to adapt to life without Abrams as both her BFF and romantic partner.

“It was, like, an amazing time, but I think we didn’t really communicate as much as we needed to about our love languages [and] what we’re expecting out of life,” she explained, noting that the “outside world” affected their dynamic. “There was so much pressure on us and I think it really impacted our relationship. And [we] we’re just trying to navigate this new life.”

The India native confessed: “It’s been tough to lose my best friend, but you know, it is what it is.”

Vempati, briefly engaged to Abhishek “Shake” ChatterjeeOn Love is blind?, told Use that she and Abrams are “cordial,” but their relationship has shifted since their split. (Adams, however, was briefly engaged. Shaina Hurley(Refer to the show.)

“I think it’s too hard to go back to the same type of friendship that we had just because … once you cross that line and go there, the feelings are kind of always there,” Vempati said. “I’ll always care about him. But I think just being the same type of best friends as we were, is just difficult considering he’s in a new relationship now.”

While the I Choose Myself author admitted that there was “pressure” on the pair when they started seeing each other outside the show, she doesn’t regret trying to make a romance work.

“There was chemistry there. There was more than just a friendship,” she continued. “I think it was a good thing [we tried]. We had to make that leap [because] we don’t want have any regrets.”

Ultimately, Vempati said that she does “miss” her best friend but told Use that Abrams “was a chapter” in her life that is now closed.

The former Netflix star added that while she is not dating anyone, she is “gonna keep that private” moving forward — especially after living through two public breakups.

Abrams, for his part, confirmed on September 19 that he has “embarked in a new relationship” after parting ways with Vempati in summer. “As for what the future holds, I have no clue. Going forward I plan to live each day in the present without any regret,” he wrote via Instagram at the time.