Crazy Video Footage Shows Massive Explosion Near Airport, Leaves 2 Dead & 70+ Injured

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018
Updated Aug 7 2018 1:45 PM ET

On Monday, August 6th, news broke that a massive explosion occurred near Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport in Bologna, Italy. At least 70 people were injured and two people were killed as a result of the explosion.

According to Independent, the explosion was caused by a tanker truck transporting flammable substances, which exploded upon impact. The tanker reportedly failed to break and rear-ended another truck on the highway.

The explosion also resulted in a severe highway damage; a massive crater was left in the middle of the road and, additionally, a nearby bridge partially collapsed. See the crazy video footage below:

The severity of all of the injuries is unclear. However, CBS reported that some victims had "severe burns." Police officers and first responders were included in the injury count.

Currently, few other details are known. This story is still developing and will be updated as more information is released to the public.

Please keep all of those who were injured in this incident in your prayers. May God bring them healing during this time!

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