It's Happened Now. Feds Seize Private Land Near Area 51

October 21, 2015Oct 21, 2015

It's happened. The private land that the U.S. Air Force vowed to take by force if its family of owners did not accept its "last best offer" is now in the hands of the federal government.


According to Las Vegas Now, the Nevada mining property surrounded by Area 51 has been owned by the Sheehan family since the 1870s. The family has been in a long battle with the Air Force over access to the land, safety in an area used for military weapons testing, nuclear radiation concerns, and private buildings mysteriously blowing up. The family recently turned down a $5.2 million offer by the government for the land. The feds originally appraised the land at $1.5 million, but the family considered it worth much more because of its mineral deposits.

Now the Sheehan's will go to court to make sure they get the full payout for the land and can get access to remove their mining equipment, historic buildings, and gravesites.

Do you think the Air Force did what needed to be done, or do you think the family should have been left alone?