It Just Happened AGAIN With American Flags At High School Football Game

August 31, 2016Aug 31, 2016

When principal Lou Lavely banned American flags from a South Carolina high school's football game for fear it would be used to taunt Hispanic students on the opposing team, the decision created such a local and national outrage that he quickly reversed the ban.

Now it's come to light that a similar incident happened the same day at a high school in Oklahoma.

According to 1170 KFAQ, students at Owasso High School near Tulsa were barred from bringing American flags into the stadium of their football game Friday night.

A video posted online shows a student in an American flag T-shirt being asked by a police officer to leave and put his American flag back in the car before he can return to the game, even though the theme of this year's opening game was "U.S.A." While in this incident, the principal of the school was fine with the flags, it was the athletic director who banned them for fear flag waving would block people's view of the game.

The flag in the video, held by barred student Brandon Conrad, appears to be no more than a foot long. Students were upset by the decision.

Senior Connor Jones commented, "The flag being a symbol of our country and everything being taken away, kind of a double standard almost."

Spokeswoman Dr. Amy Fichtner defended the school's decision but said they would review their stadium policy for upcoming games.

"The students, in fact, our students run on the field with an American flag, and so the only thing we will review is what items in the student section would give the best game day experience for our students and the people behind them," Dr. Fichtner said.

Do you think the school should make exceptions for students wanting to display their patriotism?

One wonders why in this day and age, adults are trying to restrict the public patriotism of the youth.