It Just Happened AGAIN At Target!

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

It just happened again at Target.

According to Fox 4, a man walked into the women's dressing room at a Target in Dallas and used his cellphone to photograph a woman as she was undressing last week. The woman noticed the camera and alerted authorities. Police are still looking for the man, who ran off after he was discovered.

For critics of Target's recent storewide policy that allows anyone to use either restroom or dressing room based off their self-identified "gender identity" rather than their God-given biological sex, these types of incidents are frightening but not surprising. It's why more than 1.4 million people have signed the American Family Association's "Boycott Target Pledge."

More recently, Target, suffering from the loss of customers, tried to woo them back by promising to spend $20 million to put single-occupancy restrooms in every one of its stores. This move failed to reverse the boycott, though, because it didn't change Target's new policy one iota for its regular restrooms and dressing rooms.

There have now been multiple incidences of men spying on women at Target. The new policy does not give Target employees a reason to question men who are walking into private areas where women and girls are most vulnerable unless the men make it very clear that they have evil intents.