It Happened AGAIN At Target. Will They Change Their Anti-Woman Policy Now?

June 16, 2016Jun 16, 2016

Target stores are quickly turning into hotbeds of perversion.  Ever since the retail store decided that they would cast women and children’s safety aside to pander to a political agenda, their stores have seen a rise in incidents in which women are targeted and put at risk.

In April, the stores declared that men and women could use whichever bathroom and changing room that they want with no questions asked. Since then they have been hit with a massive boycott and their stock continues to fall. Despite the backlash, Target has refused to change their dangerous policy.

As a result, another incident happened inside the changing room at a Target store in Revere, Massachusetts.  Last Sunday at 2pm, a 17 year-old girl was changing inside the dressing room when she caught a man watching her. According to Breitbart the police are still searching for the man.

While it is true that incidents like this can happen anywhere, it is Target’s policy to allow men to freely access the women’s bathroom. That means that even if someone had seen the man enter the dressing room, they could do nothing about it as Target allows the man to be in there. Target is providing easy access for people to perpetrate these crimes.

That is unacceptable! Do you agree?