ISIS Claims Responsibility for Concert Suicide Bombing, Statement Reveals Terrifying Details

May 23, 2017May 23, 2017

A deadly explosion occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in the United Kingdom on Monday. 22 people have been reported dead and nearly 60 injured.

Originally, it was unknown whether the bombing was an act of terrorism or not, but ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The bomber was identified as 23-year-old British citizen, Salman Abedi, and is believed to have acted alone, according to CBS News.

An english version of the official statement was released (see below). Warning: The post does contain sensitive content.

“And what comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross…” is a statement that stood out to many. Franklin Graham commented on the attack, claiming these tragedies will continue to happen until ISIS is completely dealt with. However, he also urges Christians to just keep praying.

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Officials also remind us that ISIS frequently claims responsibility for attacks that they may not have actually planned. CBS points out that they misreported some of the facts, including the number of fatalities and injuries.

The singer responded to the attack saying she is ‘broken’ and ‘has no words’. She also put her tour on hold for the safety of her team and fans.

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Please join us in prayer for those affected by this horrible tragedy, the UK, and our beloved country.

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