ISIS Strikes Again: Syrian Terrorist Attacks Tourists

January 12, 2016Jan 12, 2016

The “JV” terrorist group that Obama has claimed to be contained just struck again.  A suicide bomber detonated himself in a popular tourist section of Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday.  The bomber took the lives of 10 people and injured at least 15 more.


The terrorist was a 28 year old man from Syria.  According to Fox News, at least six German citizens, one Norwegian citizen, and one Peruvian citizens were among the people injured.  There is no official information about the nationality of those who died in the blast, but it is more than likely that they were all tourists.

This is not the first attack in Turkey.  In the last year, Turkey suffered through two horrific suicide bomb attacks that left over 130 people dead.  Both suicide attacks were carried out by terrorists linked to ISIS.

With all the horrific attacks being carried in the name of Islam around the world, it is time our government took the threat of ISIS and radical Islam seriously.