ISIS Just Made A Terrifying Announcement

August 17, 2017Aug 17, 2017

In recent years, the world has grown accustomed to the death and destruction perpetrated by the terrorist organization known as ISIS. Today, numerous people were killed after an attack took place in Barcelona, Spain.

According to reports, thirteen people were killed and dozens more were injured after a van drove down a crowded street. The attack happened at approximately 5:00 PM local time.

Graphic photos showed the streets lined with people who had been mowed down by the vehicle. The area is also known as a hotspot for tourists. Hundreds of people were seen trying to flee the area.

Now, in a horrible announcement, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. According to news sources, ISIS said soldiers of the Islamic State carried out the attack in Barcelona. The announcement was made on the extremist group’s news agency site.

President Trump took to Twitter to condemn the attack and the terrorist involved in it. He also vowed the support of the United States of anything Spain needs during this terrible time.

Please join us in prayer for all of the victims and their families. We come together to pray for an end to terror across the globe and for the Lord’s healing on all of mankind.

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