ISIS In America: Philly Officer Shot In Assassination Attempt

January 09, 2016Jan 09, 2016

While the mainstream media and the Obama administration continue to downplay the threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism that America faces, attacks continue to occur.  The latest victim is a police officer in Philadelphia.

160108120537-04-philadelphia-shooting-0108-exlarge-169.jpg Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett was sitting in his patrol car on Thursday night when a man approached his car and opened fire.  Hartnett was hit in the arm 3 times.  Bleeding heavily, Hartnett was able to return fire and call for backup.  The assailant was shot and arrested.  Hartnett’s arm was broken and severely damaged but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Under questioning, the unnamed attacker told the police that he pledges his allegiance to ISIS and that is the reason he attempted to assassinate a police officer.

It is time that the president stops trying to disarm lawful citizens and turns his attention to the very real threat of radical Islamic terrorism.  Do you agree?