ISIS Attack On U.S. Consulate Thwarted. Here’s What We Know.

December 15, 2015Dec 15, 2015

Authorities in Ankara, Turkey thwarted an ISIS suicide attack on the U.S. Consulate.  A week ago the U.S. Consulate was put on high alert and warned all US citizens in Turkey to avoid the building and suspended operations for a day because of a “security threat.”


The security threat turned out to be Muhammed Raghil al-Hardani, a Syrian man with ties to ISIS.  According to Fox News, Hardini was detained by Turkish authorities in a town near the border of Syria where he was dining with another Syrian.

Turkish authorities revealed that Hardini had crossed into Turkey from Syria “a while ago” and had been planning the attack for some time.  Turkey has been on high alert this past year as ISIS suicide bomb attacks have claimed over 130 lives.

It is not clear if Hardini was a refugee.