Is Trump Skipping the Debate Going to be Good or Bad for Him?

January 27, 2016Jan 27, 2016

Donald Trump has announced he will skip Thursday night's GOP Presidential debate because he feels he would not be treated fairly by Megyn Kelly and Fox News.

Will this help or hurt his campaign? Here are two opposing views.


It could help him in 2 ways:
1) If people agree with him that Fox News is biased, and the comments they made yesterday did sound as if they were attacking him, then they will applaud his standing up to a powerful media organization just as they supported him standing up to other interest groups.
2) If Trump is able to pull off a credible pro-veterans televised event Thursday night, he may emerge as a strong single candidate and avoid something going wrong at the debate.

It could hurt him in 2 ways (this probably sounds more likely):
1) If people view him as having run from a fight, or having ducked some tough questioning, this may call in to question how ready he is to be commander-in-chief where you can face lots of difficult situations.
2) Since he will not be in the debate to defend himself, this gives "open season" for his opponents to criticize him without his being there to express his point of view.

Then again, with Donald Trump, he could easily change his mind and still participate in the debate! Donald has done a great job so far this year in mastering the media, so stay tuned!