Is Trump SERIOUSLY Looking At A Democrat For VP? Carson Says YES; Trump Says...

May 06, 2016May 06, 2016

Something bizarre is going down on Trump's running mate selection committee, and it's happening on the highest level.


According to CNN, Donald Trump's surrogate Ben Carson, who serves on the committee, told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that Trump's campaign is open to the possibility of a Democrat Vice President pick.

But this morning in a Fox News interview, Trump said, "I would rule them out. We want to have a great ticket. Democrats have been in there a long time. It's just a disaster. No, I'm going to pick a great Republican, and we're going to have a tremendous victory. We're going to win."

Then minutes later during an MSNBC interview, Carson contradict Trump, saying, "Certainly we would look at everybody. You know the question came up when I was interviewing with the Wall Street Journal if we would look at a Democrat. We'll look at them. If there was a Democrat who strongly upheld the Constitution, believed in personal responsibility, hand up rather than a hand out, fiscal responsibility, strong military. We'd be willing to talk to them. If you know of any such Democrats let me know. But clearly you need people who are consistent with the views the President has."

What is going on here?!