Is Trump's Campaign Imploding? Rush Weighs In

August 04, 2016Aug 04, 2016

Donald Trump's verbal battle with Muslim Gold Star Father Khizr Kahn has upset a number of Republican Party leaders, and there have been many suggestions in the media that Trump is about to fail or be taken down by his own party.

But Conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh has a different take.

"They want you to think that Trump is on the verge of imploding," Rush said today. "They want you to think that Trump is on the verge of quitting."

Rush asked, "How many have seen the stories that the Republican Party is examining rule books and tradition and history to find out if there's any way they can get rid of Trump even now? How many of you have seen stories that there is an intervention planned, that Republicans within the Trump orbit are so worried and so concerned that they need a sit down right now to stop Trump from going off the cliff?"

"These stories are everywhere, he added. "And from everything I've been able to gather, a lot of this is being completely manufactured or partially manufactured."

Rush explained exactly why the thinks this is happening.

"It's designed to depress and dispirit Trump supporters. That's why whenever there is a Republican — and this isn't new — that Republicans are going to vote for Hillary," he said. "And it's all designed to separate those who are supporting Trump from him. They want you to get depressed. They do it every election."

Do you think Rush is right on this?