Is Trump A Hateful Person? His Past Seems To Suggest...

August 01, 2016Aug 01, 2016

Is Donald Trump a hateful person? If you listen to the Left, it certainly seems so. He gets accused of almost every hateful thing in the book. But do those accusations stand up well when compared to his past actions?

Liz Crokin of Townhall took a look at a more positive side of Trump. Here's an overview at what she found:

— In 1986, Trump saw on the news that a widow whose husband had committed suicide was about to lose her home to foreclosure. Trump stepped in to help her.
— In 1988, an ill Orthodox Jewish child was not allowed to take a commercial airline jet to get medical care because of all the life-support equipment he needed with him. Trump transported him on his own plane.
— In 1991, 200 Marines got stranded at an airport while trying to return to their families. Trump used his plane to get them on their way.
— In 1995, a motorist stopped to help Trump with a flat tire. Trump paid off his mortgage.
— In 1996, Trump fought in court against discrimination of Jews and blacks in Palm Beach, Florida.
— In 2000, Trump gave a large sum of money to help a young girl with Brittle Bone Disease.
— In 2008, after members of actress Jennifer Hudson's family were murdered, Trump put her and her other family members up in his hotel for free.
— In 2013, after a bus driver stopped a suicidal woman from jumping, Trump gave him a check as a reward.
— In 2014, after Trump learned a U.S. Marine had been in a Mexican jail for seven months after accidentally crossing the border, Trump gave him $25,000 to get him back on his feet.
— This year, Miss Wisconsin credited Trump with encouraging her during her struggles with illness and for helping get her Mexican-American son's way through college paid for.
— This year, Trump helped a black female executive of his organization through "immensely difficult times" as she struggled through substance abuse.

While a person's past good deeds do not give a full picture of who they are and what they will do in the future, this is certainly a aspect of Trump's personality the Left and mainstream media never mention as they make him a monument of every bit of hatred and intolerance they perceive in people who calls themselves Republicans and conservatives.

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