Is Tim Tebow Looking At Getting Into Politics?

March 29, 2016Mar 29, 2016

Former NFL player and vocal Christian Tim Tebow was asked by Fox & Friends' Ainsley Earhardt if he was open to running for political office.

Earhardt asked during an interview with Tebow, "Have you thought about politics? You're such a good role model for these kids."

Tebow replied, "Well, thank you. I don't know in this time in my life, but, anyway that I can —"

"So, you're saying there's hope? There's a chance." Earhardt interrupted eagerly.

"If there's a chance [I] can make a difference someday in something," Tebow finished, "then that would be intriguing."

So how soon could he run for national office? NBC Sports points out that the 28-year-old can already run for U.S. House of Representatives, but he'll have to wait until he's 30 for a shot at Senate and 35 to be eligible to reach for the highest office in the land.

Watch the 28-second interview below: