Is This Superintendent DISHONORING High School Grads Committed To Military Service?

June 08, 2016Jun 08, 2016

Some students feel that the superintendent overseeing their high school is dishonoring their commitment to serve in the military after graduation.


According to WZZM13, a local organization gave red, white, and blue graduation cords to graduating seniors at Greenville High School near Grand Rapids, Michigan to honor their future military service, but those students then learned they wouldn't be able to wear them as part of their graduation garbs at the upcoming ceremony. Students who received red cords for donating up to 6 pints of bloods were also banned from wearing them.

Upset students and parents are blaming the superintendent.

When asked for an interview about the school policy, superintendent Linda VanHouten said she was too busy for one but added that the cords were banned because the policy only allows for academic cords and she had to draw the line somewhere.

Her answer didn't satisfy everyone.

Amy Eager, the mother of a senior going into the Marines after graduation, said, "My feeling is disgusted actually. These children are signing their life away for the next four to 20 years so everyone can sleep peaceful in their beds."

Another parent, Christine Lincoln, started a petition to get the superintendent to change the policy for next year.

She said, "I think everyone should be able to be excited, happy, and acknowledge their achievements."