Is this a Lens Flare or a Stairway to Heaven after Horrific, Deadly Car Accident?

May 16, 2017May 16, 2017

A photo taken of a deadly car crash scene has taken the internet by storm and has captured the attention of those who believe in a heaven beyond this mortal coil.

19-year-old Anisa Gannon was on her way to work in Georgia last month when she encountered a horrific car accident blocking the road, according to Inside Edition.

She took a photo to prove to her boss that she had a legitimate reason for being late.

When she showed her aunt a picture of the crash, which had taken the life of a young mother, her baby girl, and her best friend in a head-on collision with a truck, her aunt spotted a strange apparition leading from the car to the sky.

“It looked like they were going to heaven,” she pointed out.

Anisa felt compelled to show the picture to Jodi Simmons, the mother of the 23-year-old mom who was killed.

In a time of deep grief over the loss of her daughter and granddaughter, Jodi, too, felt like she was seeing a pathway for their souls going straight to heaven.

“[You] don’t know how much that photo means to me,” Jodi told Anisa.

Whether a supernatural sign from God or a mere lens flare — or both — that one photo of the crash has meant the world to a grieving family.