Is There More To The UC Merced Knife Attack Than The Media Is Reporting?

November 09, 2015Nov 09, 2015

The stabbing of 4 people at UC Merced by Faisal Mohammed was pasted across the mainstream news for exactly one day.  Once Mohammed’s name was released as the identity of the attacker, there seemed to be a push to suppress the story.  The mainstream media stopped reporting on it altogether.


The Obama administration made no public statements about the horrific attack that mimicked the same attacks the citizens of Israel experience on a daily basis.  Was the knife attack the product of a lone, disgruntled teen who was just mad at his study group?  Or was it something more?

According to Bizpac Review, there are serious things about the campus terror attack that have not been acknowledged by the media and the government.  Mohammed had a backpack full of items he planned to use in his pre-meditated attack.  He also had a two page manifesto on him in which he praised allah repeatedly and declared his desire to behead someone.

Another thing that has been left out of the mainstream media is that Mohammad was on the terror watch list.  According to Merced County News reporter Matthew Gonzales, authorities had known of Mohammad and his ideologies and had warned officials at the school.

In addition to being on the FBI watch list, Mohammed was also on a national watch list.  Gonzales said that his sources in law enforcement have confirmed that UC Chancellor was warned about a possible attack.

Do you think the media is trying to suppress the story?  If so, why?