Is The Syrian Situation A Fulfillment Of Biblical End Times Prophecy?

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April 07, 2017Apr 07, 2017

Whenever you see heightened tension in the Middle East, you get worried. After all, that area of the world has been the nucleus of turbulence for most of human history, and it is certainly the center of the majority of biblical prophecies. 


That is why many are wondering, with the recent heated attention in Syria, if it is part of the Bible's prophecy of Damascus' upheaval...and maybe part of a larger End Times unraveling. 

New York Times' bestseller Joel Rosenberg has commented that it is valid to question it, reports FaithWire.  

“We’re watching Damascus unravel…is that the prelude to the completion of those prophesies?” he rhetorically asked, pointing back to Isaiah and Jeremiah, which both say that the city will be “destroyed.” “We don’t know, but Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet…so the fact that it is coming apart is quite extraordinary.”

Many point to the verses in Isaiah 17:13 to connect Syria to End Times events:  

“See, Damascus will cease from being a city; it shall be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and no one shall make them afraid. e fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Aram; they shall be as the glory of the sons of Israel, says the Lord of Hosts.”

But  “Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff thinks connecting what is happening in Syria now and what was prophesied in Isaiah is irresponsible.  

“So, what you’re saying is they’re tying in the passages in Isaiah to what is currently happening in Syria…and this is just a classic example of newspaper eschatology and shame on the pastors that are doing this, because it either is a case of them not knowing the word of God, which seems unlikely to me, or simply wanting to invite sensationalism and sophistry,” he responded.

“If you look at what the Bible actually says, it is very clear that the fulfillment comes in the biblical text as well.” 

“This whole notion is fulfilled in biblical history when the king of the Assyria captured and destroyed Damascus…if you look at Isaiah chapter 7, there’s a permutation of this as well…you see the fulfillment in the very next chapter, Isaiah chapter 8,” he continued.

What do you think about the violent events happening in Syria? Do you think it is part of the End Times? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers! Thank you!