Is "The Shack" HERETICAL? THESE Verses Will SHOW You

March 10, 2017Mar 10, 2017

The Shack has been wildly successful for a faith-based film. It had one of the top opening weekend's for a film of its genre. But is that in part because it compromises the truth of the Bible?


That has been the criticism of many. Though the story paints a tender picture of a man's journey back to God after deep hurt, many say it does not paint the God of the Bible accurately.

People have taken up with the fact that God is portrayed as a black woman, arguing that God (though without gender as we understand it) is referred to as a man, or Father, in the Bible.

Though many Christians think the film is harmless and even beneficial, others are asking: Should I be supporting a film like this? Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger, asked his audience what they thought. And one of the most compelling answers was just a comparison of the book/movie's text and the actual Bible.



While these verses are quite telling, some brought up the fact that maybe The Shack is meant to be more allegorical and less descriptive of the actual Bible. But another person brought up a great retort to that argument, as seen here.


What do you think of The Shack? Do you think it is unbiblical? Will you or have you seen it? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!