Is Meghan Markle Picking Up an English Accent? This Is The Way She Said Scone

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

Is Meghan Markle picking up an English accent from her fiancé and his royal family? Her recent pronunciation of "scone" seems to suggest that little pronunciation quirks are slipping in.

On Tuesday, on the day before their first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple, Meghan and Prince Harry stepped out in Edinburgh, Scotland, reported People. The future husband and wife were greeted by a crowd of adoring Scots.

One of the people in the crowd, Carolyn Chisholm, 43, gave the royal bride-to-be some heart-shaped potato scones from the bakery she runs with her husband.

“I just thought for Valentine’s the scones were a wee gift of Scottishness,” said Chisholm.

While Meghan took the gift graciously, Chisholm’s mother, 70-year-old Lynda Clark, had a small complaint.

“[Meghan] gave them to her aide, saying they were ‘scones,’ ” said Clark, explaining that Meghan pronounced the word with a short “o,” to rhyme with “gone.”

Clark contended: “The correct pronunciation is ‘scone’ said with a long “o,” to rhyme with bone."

Americans typically pronounce the word with the long “o.” A 2016 YouGov poll has the majority of Britons—51%—pronouncing it with a short “o.”

"The poll found that those living in northern England and Scotland favor the “gone” pronunciation, so Clark appears to be an outlier," added People.

Does this mean that Meghan, who was raised in Los Angeles is picking up her future husband's accent? Or did she always pronounce scones differently than the majority of Americans? Only time will tell.

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