Is Tom Brady on ‘The Masked Singer’? NFL Exec Reacts to Theory

Is Tom Brady Doing The Masked Singer NFL Exec Reacts Wild Theory

Tom Brady.
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He knows exactly who that is — he hopes. An NFL team executive responded to the fan theory. Tom BradyTo film season 8, I took personal leave The Masked Singer.

“Hopefully Tom Brady will still be on The Masked Singer by the time we go to Tampa in November,” Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff joked during the broadcast of his team’s game against the Houston Texans on Friday, August 19. “So, if that’s the case, maybe we’ll have a chance.”

Earlier this month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, 45, announced he was taking time away from the team to deal with a “personal” matter. Bucs head coach was speaking at a press conference on August 11. Todd Bowles said that Brady discussed his temporary departure with the team before training camp started in July, noting only that the reason for the leave was “something he needs to handle.”

While the athlete hasn’t offered any further information about his break, fans have been coming up with theories about what might have inspired the California native to take some time off. Football analyst Kendall ValenzuelaDetails here Masked SingerIdea last week in a Twitter videoThis has since become viral.

Is Tom Brady Doing The Masked Singer NFL Exec Reacts Wild Theory

Rob Gronkowski on ‘The Masked Singer.’

Valenzuela stated that Masked SingerContestants must keep their participation confidential, which is why Brady and the Buccaneers did not offer any explanation for Brady’s absence. The commentator also pointed out that the NFL star signed a $375 million deal with Fox Sports in May to become their lead football analyst whenever he decides to retire from the league — and The Masked SingerFox airs the show.

The show’s official Instagram account also weighed in on the rumors, sharing an Instagram video that included a screenshot of a Brady headline followed by footage of various sports trophies and a live goat. “This news is GOATing out of hand … 🐐👀,” read the caption on the clip.

If Brady does appear on the reality show, he won’t be the first NFL player — or even the first Buccaneer — to go behind the mask. Antonio BrownBrady and Xavier played together on the Bucs as well as the New England Patriots. He competed in season 1 in 2019 as Hippo and was eliminated in its first episode.

Rob GronkowskiAnother alumnus of the Patriots and Bucs appeared in season 3. The Masked Singer as White Tiger, eventually making it to the “Super Nine.” After his elimination, the former tight end, 33, joked that football and The Masked Singer actually caused “very similar” bouts of nervousness.

“You get a little shakiness going, your nerves are rumbling right before you get up on stage and before a big game,” he told Entertainment WeeklyApril 2020. “It’s definitely different conditioning. It’s just opening up a whole new aspect in your body. It feels good when you’re done.”

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