Is The Washington Post Afflicted With Amnesia?

A front-page story on Aug. 21 in The Washington Submit sounds a false alarm: “American democracy is cracking. These forces assist clarify why,” by Dan Balz and Clara Ence Morse.

The evaluation is incoherent, betrays constitutional ignorance, and misunderstands the aim of presidency—not majority rule however justice secured via checks and balances and separation of powers, enabling each particular person a chance to march to their very own drummer, fearless of home predation or overseas aggression.

The glory of america is liberty, not a Leviathan administrative state that dulls ambition and protects company behemoths by company laws navigable solely by $2,000-per-hour elite legal professionals.

America, in fact, isn’t good. Mankind is made from crooked timber. However it’s adorned with the optimum type of authorities to safe justice than every other on the face of the earth. Simply ask the thousands and thousands of immigrants yearly who threat life and limb to enter america seeking alternative and freedom.

The soundtrack of The Washington Submit’s fault-finding is the Structure’s checks on majority rule. Why these checks needs to be scorned is tough to apprehend.

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Thomas Jefferson noticed, “An elective despotism was not the federal government we fought for; however one which shouldn’t solely be based on free rules, however during which the powers of presidency needs to be so divided and balanced amongst a number of our bodies of magistracy, as that nobody may transcend their authorized limits, with out being effectually checked and restrained by the others.”

James Madison, father of the Structure, noticed in Federalist 55, “Had each Athenian citizen been a Socrates, each Athenian meeting would nonetheless have been a mob.”

Supreme Courtroom Justice Robert Jackson added in West Virginia Board of Schooling v. Barnette (1943):

The very function of a Invoice of Rights was to withdraw sure topics from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to position them past the attain of majorities and officers and to ascertain them as authorized rules to be utilized by the courts. One’s proper to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and meeting, and different basic rights will not be submitted to vote; they rely upon the end result of no elections.

In any occasion, The Washington Submit’s exaltation of majority rule is insincere. It first castigates the White Home, Congress, and the Supreme Courtroom for not echoing the bulk. However then excoriates state legislatures that do! It deplores the truth that in quite a few states, the “dominant get together has been in a position to transfer aggressively to enact its governing priorities.”

Janus-faced, thy title is The Washington Submit.

The newspaper deplores the supermajority required to amend the Structure to foster stability (two-thirds majorities within the Home and three-fourths of the state legislatures). Is The Washington Submit stricken with amnesia? Has it forgotten the 18-year-old voting rights modification (twenty sixth Modification) ratified on July 1, 1971, inside 4 months of its submission?

Reporters Balz and Morse applaud the straightforward changeability of state constitutions: “Over the historical past of the nation, state constitutions have been amended 1000’s of occasions.”

However in contrast to america Structure, no state structure has served as a template for constitutions usual by overseas international locations. No state structure has earned the accolade the U.S. Structure elicited from British icon and statesman Lord Gladstone: “probably the most fantastic work ever struck off at a given time by the mind and function of man.”

Opposite to The Washington Submit, the Structure is our deliverance from the nation’s afflictions.

Its abandonment has begotten our cosseted multitrillion-dollar military-industrial warfare state that has spiked the nationwide debt previous a crushing $32 trillion pursuing idiot’s errands in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Ukraine.

It has begotten a surveillance state demolishing the Fourth Modification proper to be not to mention from authorities snooping absent possible trigger that crime is afoot.

It has begotten a cycloptic administrative state that day by day pours forth laws to stifle particular person ingenuity and to defend company giants from competitors.

Congress routinely delegates limitless legislative powers to the president and government businesses the place checks and balances are nonexistent. Govt businesses promulgate a mean of three,000 to 4,500 legislative guidelines yearly—delegation run riot.

Congress persists in limitless giveaways of its legislative energy to flee accountability for insurance policies that may provoke a major problem. A Congress member’s heaven is an uncontested election indistinguishable from China or Russia.

The Structure will likely be restored provided that the American folks vote out of workplace its numerous defectors who at present occupy the corridors of energy. A starting can be the restoration of civics because the centerpiece of public schooling.


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