Is Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Friends With Meri and Robyn?

What are the outs? Christine BrownShe shared her position with other sister wives Meri Brown, Robyn Brown Janelle BrownAfter you leave Kody BrownIn 2021.

“It’s about the same as it was,” the Sister WivesExclusively told star, 50 Us WeeklyTuesday, October 18, was the day of her dynamic with Meri, 51 and Robyn 44. “It’s the same as it was when I left, and so nothing [changed].”

Christine, who who returned to her home state of Utah after announcing her split from Kody, 53, in November 2021, added: “I haven’t really spoken to either of them.”

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When asked whether she was “sad” that she doesn’t have a closer relationship with Meri and Robyn, the reality star told Us, “Not right now. I think that right now, what I’m really hoping to do is just to get a really good solid foundation on just being me.”

The TLC personality — who shares son Paedon, 23 and daughters Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Gwendlyn, 20, Ysabel19, and Truely, 12, with Kody — pointed out: “I’ve never just been me. Like, I got married and then had kids and everything, and so I’m just doing that right now.”

Christine’s time in Utah, however, has included seeing Kody’s second wife, Janelle, 53, and her kids who live nearby.

“She’s come to visit me several times. I have a guest room and she stays in the guest room, and her sister also lives about a half an hour from me,” she said of Janelle. “So she’ll see her and then she loves seeing Aspyn and Mykelti and the baby and all of it. So we’ve gone on a couple of trips together too.”

Christine spoke despite her distance from the majority of her family members. UseShe saw Robyn and Kody recently at a family event.

Sister Wives Christine I Havent Really Spoken to Meri Robyn Since Move

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“Oh gosh, it was a little bit awkward,” she recalled of the reunion. “But, you know, you put your adult hat on and you move forward and that’s just what you do. So, it was fine.”

Christine and Kody announced the end of their 25-year relationship via Instagram in fall 2021. Their ups and downs — both before and after the split — have been documented on season 17 of the TLC series.

The following was the content of an October episode. Cooking with ChristineStar shared the news with her sister wives and announced that she was moving to Utah from Arizona.

Christine told Us on Tuesday that her discussion with the women was one of the tougher scenes she’s had to watch back over the years.

“The conversation where I told everybody that I was leaving Kody — when Janelle broke down — that stands out as one of the things that was hardest to see,” the TV personality confessed. “Just [because]Janelle was so kind to share her knowledge [about the split] and for her to break down like that and just talk about the loss of, like, what is she supposed to do with her kids now, you know, that was difficult.”

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