Is Biden’s ‘Success’ Our Mess?

What would President Joe Biden have done differently if an administration wanted to create chaos at the border, to make fuel almost unaffordable and to cause a crime wave, 1970s hyperinflation, or rekindle ethnic tensions?

So is Biden incompetent, malicious, or a wannabe leftwing ideologue.

Biden responds to questions on inflation and fuel price increases by either blaming someone else or getting mad at the person asking or claiming that former President Donald Trump did it.

His administration seems to believe things are going according to plan.

His team believes that the American people have been brainwashed, or that they have not provided enough propaganda to counter it. They don’t compromise or pivot, but they are determined to continue failing.

Why? Biden seems to see what most Americans consider disasters as success.

Take the border—or rather its disappearance.

There has never been an administration in American history that simply opened the border and canceled immigration laws. All of them arrive illegally, without any audit, vaccinations, or tests during a pandemic.

The United States is now flooded with lethal drugs imported by cartels. We don’t know how many terrorists cross the border each day.

Nearly all those breaking the law in the first million are poor, with no high school diplomas or English skills and in dire need federal and state housing, food and education subsidies.

Are Washington’s leftists imagining that millions of new residents, dependent on the left, will look to them for decades of support and then find ways to return the favor at the polls? Is that why Democrats brag unapologeticly in tribalist fashion about changing demography of the electorate

Former President Barack Obama’s energy secretary-designate Steven Chu once gaffed in the 2008 campaign when he openly wished that U.S. gas prices would reach European levels.

The truth is that the left believes that high fuel prices are the only way to achieve their goals of disengaging driving. They force middle-class Americans onto buses and trains, and convince them to live in high-rises instead of carbon-spewing cars in suburban ranch-style homes.

Is this why Biden cancelled new federal oil and natural gas leases during the current energy crisis? As diesel prices in California reach $7 per gallon, why did Biden refuse to finish Keystone XL or reopen Alaskan oils fields?

Officially, inflation continues to exceed 8% per year. Most consumers feel it is double that when they pay for food, fuel, building materials, houses, or rent—the essential stuff of life.

What was the Biden administration’s expectation from keeping real rates at zero while printing trillions in dollars when supplies were low and demand was rising?

Or did it think inflation more fairly “spreads the wealth”? Does it prompt new necessary attacks on “corporate greed?” Does it demand more federal intervention and socialist policies?

If inflation is “bad” for most, it may not seem so to this left-wing administration.

Violent crime is rising to levels of the 1970s. The combination of defunding the police, radical city and county prosecutors who don’t charge or lock up criminals, and emptying jails and prisons have ignited a national crime wave.

The Biden administration shrugs. It does not offer federal assistance to increase police force or to charge criminals freed under federal statutes.

Does it believe it is socially more just to let criminals be free than to incarcerate them.

Does it buy into “critical legal theory” that laws do not reflect ancient ideas of right and wrong, but instead are “constructed” by the privileged to oppress the already oppressed?

Are Americans embracing dangerous crime as tough social karma by Biden zealots?

Americans are tired and sick of the new woke tribealism. Judging people based on their race, gender, or appearance is amoral and against the U.S. Constitution.

It destroys any notion of meritocracy, and divides the country artificially between victims and victimizers.

But does the Biden family see it that same way?

Or do they encourage racial tensions?

In that regard, the Bidenites promote identity politics as a good way to stir up the pot, to demonize supposed oppressors and deify the oppressed—all as a way of retaining political power. The left believes that living in a socialist state controlled by an elite is better than living in a free, prosperous country that is accountable only to the people.

The public believes that the Biden government has failed America. Its incompetence, belligerence and left-wing zealotry are blamed for the disastrous results.

Biden and his delusional group seem happy with what they have accomplished.

Summa sum, Americans don’t see America as a disaster. They see it as a spectacular and planned success.

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