Irina Shayk Stuns In Barely There Top While Supporting Ex Bradley Cooper At Event

Irina ShaykShowed up to Bradley Cooper’sRecently, she premiered a movie to support her ex. This week, she also stole the spotlight in a gorgeous pinstripe and leather ensemble. You may already be aware Irina ShaykThere are many things she can do. Maybe you recall her as an angel in the Kanye West music video, “Power”. Maybe you recognize her because of her years of success modeling. She is well-known by most people. Bradley Cooper’sEx-maternity of his child. They still support each other, even though they have split amicably.

Adults acting like adults

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shahk were the talk in 2015. Cooper and Shayk had just ended their relationship with Suki waterhouse. 2016 came around and we learned that the two were having their first child together. The future looked bright. They split up.

It happens to the best among us. Particularly in relationships that are constantly surrounded by cameras, as they were. It wasn’t messy or mean, they just went their separate ways. They dealt with their breakup with grace and class, something other Hollywood couples could learn from. It is clear that these two are still supportive of each other, judging by their appearances in recent years.

Red Carpet Goddess

This week was the premiere for Bradley Cooper’s new noir thriller, Nightmare AlleyShayk came to support her ex, but managed completely to steal the show with a stunning ensemble. 50 Shades of Gray vibes.

It was a dark pinstripe suit tailored to fit her perfectly, with a black leather corset underneath hugging the model’s frame. And though the two didn’t interact at all on the red carpet, her appearance has only gone on to fan the flames of the rumors already going around that the two have reconciled.

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It could also reflect the fact that they have decided not to let their children travel between homes each week, but to co-parent. A source close to the couple said: “Irina and Bradley have been in a really great groove in regards to co-parenting for a while. They love Lea so deeply and want to be the best parent possible. A lot of Irina and Bradley’s interactions and hangouts surround Lea and her schedule, but they also get together on their own.”

This is supported by the fact that they were seen smiling wide as they took daughter Lea to see the sights The Nutcracker last month. Is this a reunion? Or just two people learning to live peacefully together for the benefit their families? It will be interesting to see how they interact over time, but it is nice for two people who may have grown apart to still show respect and love.

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