Iowa Democrats Purge These Two Founding Fathers From Their Party History

August 13, 2015Aug 13, 2015

The Confederate flag has been getting the axe across the country over accusations that it symbolizes slavery, but recently two founding fathers have felt the sharp edge of "tolerance" and sensitivity as well.


According to the Connecticut Post, Democratic leaders in Iowa have put Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson on the chopping block by removing their names from a fundraising dinner due to their ties to slavery. Democrats in several other states have recently done likewise.

But not everyone thinks the move is a good idea.

Robert Turner, a University of Virginia law professor, points out that Jefferson actually had a role in fighting slavery as well.  And if we hold everyone from the past to our 21st century political standards, we're not going to be able to honor the accomplishments of anyone.

What do you think of honoring a founding father who has both sinned and achieved great things for our country?  Is it good to honor the things people do to benefit society?  Or can you go too far in glorifying sinners?

Interestingly enough, the list of historical figures that has been presented to replace Jefferson and Jackson includes leaders like Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Do you think Roosevelt's decisions to force hundreds of thousands of people into internment camps and to start building an atomic bomb holds up any better to 21st century Democratic political standards?