Internet Unites Behind Sarah Sanders After Comedian Mocks Her Looks

April 30, 2018Apr 30, 2018

Comedian Michelle Wolf made some comments on Saturday night that were focused on the White House press secretary's professional conduct and personal appearance. 

The Huffington Post writes that Wolf's remarks about Sanders seemed to "strike a nerve" with conservatives and liberals alike. On Sunday morning, Fox News reporter Ed Henry called on the White House Correspondents' Association to issue a public apology to the press secretary. 

Throughout the performance, Wolf "joked" that Sanders "burned facts." She also likened the press secretary to a macho softball coach and mocked her confrontations with reporters. It was clear that the performance was attacking the press secretary's personal appearance and femininity.

You can watch part of the comedian's performance in the video below.

According to the Washington Times, #StandwithSarah and #StandwithSarahSanders have become popular hashtags on Twitter following the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday evening. 

Many tweets point out that Wolf's comments display that much of the "war on women" is waged by woman themselves, particularly by liberal women toward conservatives. 

“Democrats love to talk about the war on women,” Mrs. Sanders told Fox News during an appearance over a year ago after Ivanka was insulted, according to the Washington Times. “The only war on women that I see is the one that’s being waged against every woman and every female that is close to this president. They constantly want to talk about women’s empowerment.”

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