Internet Freaks Out After They Think Betty White Died, Hilarious Reactions Upon Truth

August 01, 2018Aug 01, 2018

Betty White is one of the most beloved people in Hollywood. On Tuesday, July 31, when her name randomly began trending on Twitter, however, fans across the nation began freaking out, wondering if she had passed away.

At this point, it is still unknown why the 96-year-old randomly became trending at that exact time. However, it is confirmed that she is alive and well!

According to Hollywood Life, not only is the beloved actress in good health, she is also still in good spirits when it comes to working! Steven Boettcher, the director of a PBS documentary about her life, said that Betty told him she would “be in the saddle forever.”

Throughout the day when people were claiming that Betty had died, several people made hilarious Tweets. Read them below:

Did you see this scare?! Thankfully, Betty White is alive and in good health it seems! Which of these Tweets was the most relatable to you?! Let us know! In other recent news, 25 popular foods from Trader Joe's, Walgreens, etc were recalled over a harmful parasite. Throw it all out!