Internet Explodes After Sen. Graham's Throw Down During Kavanaugh Hearing

September 28, 2018Sep 28, 2018

On Thursday, September 27, Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford each testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in an emotional hearing. The hearing was regarding Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination and Dr. Ford's accusations against Kavanaugh regarding sexual assault when the two of them were in high school. 

Dr. Ford gave a tearful account of her story while Kavanaugh continued to deny all allegations set forth before him. During the hearing, Committee members were able to ask questions or make comments. 

One of the Senators that became the most impassioned during the hearing was Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham talked directly to the Democrats in the room, accusing them of the way this entire episode played out.

He noted that they have caused immense hurt for both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, and that the way they handled the information they were given in the beginning was a political ploy and cry for public support. He said that they never had the victim's best interest and heart and said several harsh statements regarding their desire for power. 

Below is the video of Graham's statement:

Following the hearing, Twitter erupted over Graham's statements. While many people who are anti-Kavanaugh were upset over Graham's comments, several Americans took to Twitter to support him.

Below are some of the supportive comments:

What did you think about Graham's statement? Let us know. In other recent news, a swing vote Senator just revealed which way he would vote on Kavanaugh.