Internet Amazed at Man Who Walks 20 Miles to Work, Gets the Surprise of His Life

July 18, 2018Jul 18, 2018

When Walter Carr’s vehicle broke down, he resolved himself to do the only thing he felt was right so that he could make it to work on time for his first day: Even though it was 20 miles away, he chose to walk.

In order for Carr to do so, he started walking at midnight, after sleeping four hours. After a while, he had to sit down because his legs were hurting.

Mark Knighten of the Pelham Police Department talked to him and told him he still had eight to ten miles left to go in the journey, according to ABC News. Two other officers, Carl Perkinson and Klint Rhodes arrived as well, and the three took Carr to breakfast.

The officers brought Carr to the home of Jenny Lamey, whose home he was helping to move as an employee of Bellhops moving service. It was 6:30 a.m.

“My heart just stopped,” Lamey said, offering Carr a couch to rest on until his fellow employees arrived, but he insisted they get to work.

“I burst into tears,” Lamey said, thinking of his struggle to get to her house, his lack of sleep, and the hard work of lifting heavy boxes in scorching Alabama heat.

Carr told her that he had joined the Marines and was headed to boot camp after he earned his Associate’s degree later in the year. When Carr was five, he said, he and his mom lost their home to Hurricane Katrina.

When Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin found out about his new employee, he – as well as a host of other people, including the officers – surprised Carr at a hotel where the soon-to-be-Marine thought he was going to have lunch, and nothing else, with Marklin.

Marklin gifted him his new car, a Ford Escape.

“Walter is incredible, and what he did is incredible,” Marklin said. “It’s everything our company stands for.”

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