Insider Revealed He Could Get Ivanka Trump Ousted From White House

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

The relationship between former political adviser Steve Bannon and conservative website Breitbart News has been the subject of many news articles in recent months. Stories covering Bannon have been especially prominent in recent days after President Trump fired him, perhaps out of pressure from the media, who were profoundly bothered that Bannon once ran the so-called "alt-right" website.

Bannon served as executive chairman of Breitbart before he joined the Trump campaign last August and later took the role as chief strategist in the White House. Hours after leaving the White House, Bannon returned back to Breitbart as the executive chairman.

Recently, an email prankster, claiming to be Steve Bannon, contacted editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, asking him if he would do the "dirty work" against White House aides, including the president's daughter and son-in-law, according to CNN.

"Reading online about how I'll be bringing forth my wrath on Ivanka and Jared," wrote the Bannon impersonator in an email to Marlow. "I'd be doing this great nation a service if I did."

To this email, Marlow responded: "I spooked em today. Did five stories on globalist takeover positioning you as only hope to stop it."

According to CNN, Marlow then shared a personal smear against Ivanka and Kushner's private life. The particular content of the smear was not reported by the news organization, which claims that the claim was unfounded and without evidence. 

In response to the personal smear against Ivanka and Kushner's private life, the fake Bannon replied, "Haha..lovely stuff. So do you think you'll have them packed and shipping out before Christmas?"

"Let me see what I can do," replied Marlow. "Hard to know given your description of them as evil. I don't know what motivates them. If they are semi normal, then yes, they out by end of year."

Breitbart has defended itself against the mainstream media, which has used these emails as an opportunity to attack the conservative website.

"The [mainstream media's] obsession with Breitbart News is simply a result of our effectiveness. This time, an imposter deceitfully obtained and shared with CNN tongue-in-cheek emails that revealed that we feel Globalists present an existential threat to the agenda that got President Trump elected." Marlow suggested, "If people want to know our thinking, they don't need to judge us on illicitly obtained comments that were intended to be private, they can simply read our front page. 

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