Inside Edition Tests Gun Used in Heartbreaking Youtube Stunt

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017

Monalisa Perez, 19, and Pedro Ruiz, 22, just wanted to be YouTube famous. But the young couple—parents with one child and another on the way—didn't stop to count the cost of their stunt. 

After some prodding from Ruiz, whose family describes him as a daredevil, Perez agreed to the stunt. On Wednesday, Perez shot a .50 caliber Desert Eagle directly at her boyfriend's chest, counting on an encyclopedia to stop the bullet. 

Inside Edition performed a test to see exactly how powerful that gun, which they describe as "basically a rifle for one-handed shooting." Watch the video to see how the bullet rips through a hardcover dictionary. 

The video also shows footage of the young double shot just hours before the stunt. They certainly seem like a happy couple who didn't want to hurt one another. That fact underscores the tragedy of this death.


Inside Edition also spoke to a social media expert, who says the couples stunts are indicative of a trend: we're seeing more and more risky stunts online. "Any who wants to grow a following has to really rise the bar," says Kris Ruby, "so they're raising the bar by doing dangerous stunts." 

Hopefully, Ruiz's death will be a warning to YouTubers and a reminder that guns aren't toys.