INSANE! What Makes Bernie As President 15 Times Scarier Than Hillary

March 04, 2016Mar 04, 2016

Think Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's tax plan that adds up to $1 trillion in tax increases is asking for a lot? Contender Bernie Sander's plan is 15 times worse.

According to a surprising hit piece against Bernie by the Politico, Bernie's plan would boost taxes by a whopping $15 trillion!

The Tax Policy Center, which conducted the study of Bernie's proposal, said that they had trouble even analyzing that large of an increase.

Senior fellow Frank Sammartino commented, “It was a difficult estimating task. For changes of this magnitude, we’re really going into unknown territory."

And instead of shifting wealth from the rich to the poor, Bernie's plan taxes everybody more, including middle-income families that could see $4,700 more in taxes every year. The very wealthiest would now have half their incomes absconded by the federal government, while even the very poorest would see a $165 increase. Even those who make less than $45,000 would have to pay $1,625 more if Bernie got his way.

But you know what's really sad? Even with $15 trillion more being taken from taxpayers to feed new federal programs, the Tax Policy Center is not convinced it's even enough to pay for all of Bernie's proposals, such as free college for everyone.