Innocent Mother of Five Killed After Her Car is Struck During High Speed Police Chase for Stolen Vehicle

September 14, 2018Sep 14, 2018

A terribly sad news story has just broken out of Ohio. According to reports, a mother of five has been killed after a police chase went bad.

"A longtime Ohio real estate agent and mother of five was killed Tuesday after her car crashed and spun into the path of an oncoming police cruiser that was chasing a stolen Jeep, officials said," reported Fox News.

Mary Taulbee was immediately rushed to a local hospital. Despite the best efforts of first responders, she did not survive her injuries.

Initial reports suggest that Taulbee's car had been involved in an accident. Moments later, the police chase came through the area and Taulbee's crashed car was struck again, this time by a police cruiser. Some critics and loved ones have spoken out about the actions of the police department. Many feel they officers were traveling at an unsafe speed and their negligence caused the wreck.

"Mary would not be dead if the police car were not traveling at 80 miles per hour," said Steven Brown, president of Irongate Realtors, where Taulbee worked for 22 years.

Officials are currently reviewing the situation and working to gather all the facts. Please join us in praying for Mary's family during this sad time. She leaves behind five children, six grandchildren, and her husband. 

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