Attacks on Keaton Jones Escalate After His Father's Identity is Exposed

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

Keaton Jones, an elementary school-aged child from Tennessee, is one of the many kids struggling with bullying today—an escalating issue in our nation. Little Keaton gained nationwide attention after his mother posted a video of him tearfully sharing his experience with bullies at school, which quickly went viral with millions of views.

Shortly after Keaton gained support from dozens of well-known celebrities including singer Justin Bieber, Titans tight end Delanie Walker, and many others, he unfortunately suffered from cyberbullying.

Initially, people targeted Keaton’s family after photos of them with the Confederate flag emerged. Keaton and his mother later appeared in an interview to clarify that they are not racist and the pictures were meant to be “extreme,” “ironic,” and “funny.”

On Wednesday, December 13th, TMZ exposed Keaton’s father Shawn White, who is currently serving jail time for violating his probation following an aggravated assault conviction. Social media posts were discovered on White’s account that portrays him to be a white supremacist.

According to TMZ, it appears that Keaton and his father do not have a close relationship. White is expected to be released from prison sometime next year.

Many people fired back in rage, continuing to target Keaton and his family. Some took it as far as insisting that Keaton actually deserved the bullying.

Others are coming to defense, claiming that his parents’ choices have nothing to do with Keaton and the heartbreaking bullying incident.

Regardless, this newly-released information on Keaton’s father should not impact the young boy’s message on bullying. His powerful words touched hearts across the country and his message appears to be getting lost in the midst of the racial controversy.

Please continue to pray for Keaton Jones. In other recent news, a famous 1960s actress who co-starred with Elvis Presley died from cancer.

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