Influential American Researcher Dies of Kidney Failure at Age 92

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

It has been reported that Daniel Yankelovich, the renowned author and public opinion analyst, died on Friday morning at his home in the La Jolla section of San Diego. He was 92 years old. 

According to his daughter, Nichole Yankelovich Mordecai, he passed away from Kidney failure. Besides a daughter, his immediate survivors include a granddaughter and a sister.

Until the 1950s, market research was relatively primitive, as businesses would guess whether a new product would go over well with the public. No corporation today would risk introducing a product without knowing beforehand how well it would sell. And that is in part because Yankelovich revolutionized social research, by devising innovative surveys of small representative groups not only to track consumer preferences but also the values and goals of ordinary people. 

Throughout his career, Yankelovich authored dozens of books, lectured at Harvard and other prestigious colleges, and was on the board of several corporations and cultural organizations. In the 1970s, he began the New York Times/Yankelovich Poll and developed revolutionary polling techniques. He also founded Public Agenda, a nonprofit foundation used for opinion research. 

"While Mr. Yankelovich was not a doctrinaire liberal, he expressed dismay at what he saw as the decline of progressive traditions, and often called for greater social responsibility on the part of government and corporate America," writes the New York Times. "But he also sounded conservative themes in speeches and interviews, praising the work ethic, calling for welfare reforms and lamenting a loss of old-fashioned respect."

Yankelovich was born on December 29, 1924, as an only child. His mother died when he was a boy, and his father was a house painter during the Great Depression. Through hard work, he graduated from Boston Latin School and enrolled at Harvard, but left for Army service in World War II. He finished his bachelor's degree in 1946 and earned his master's in 1950. 

Please pray for his friends and family! This man was very influential in the realm of business and politics, and the world will certainly feel the impact of his death. In recent news, a Democratic representative is in deep trouble over a bill that was just unearthed. 

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