Incredible WWII Mystery Involving Glen Miller May Have Just Been Solved

January 17, 2019Jan 17, 2019

An incredible mystery may finally be coming to an end after puzzling millions of people for decades. Glen Miller went missing while in a plane during WW II. Many people had no clue what had happened to the famous musician or the other passengers on the airplane.

However, investigators believe they may have just found the wreckage.

"People magazine recently reported a retired trawler-man from England is 'utterly convinced' he pulled up the wreck of the famed American bandleader’s aircraft in his fishing net 32 years ago. And now, U.S.-based historical aircraft researchers from TIGHAR say his account is 'totally credible,'" according to Fox.

Glen Miller was said to be one of the biggest stars in music at the time of his disappearance. The American patriot gave up his career in order to join the military when World War II broke out.

"According to TIGHAR, which stands for The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, the man was advised to drop his unusual catch back into the English Channel, where it has remained ever since. But he recorded the coordinates and the magazine noted it is this key piece of evidence that may finally lead to the site of Miller’s final resting place," wrote Fox.

Miller's story is quite remarkable. He was too old to be drafted at the time so he enlisted in the United States Navy as his way of serving the country. During his travels in Europe, his plane went missing somewhere between England and France. Now, officials are gearing up to investigate the wreckage which is over 130-feet under water.

“Right now, if you really look at the facts of the case, there really isn’t much doubt at all that the airplane went down in the English Channel,” TIGHAR executive director Richard Gillespie explained. “They probably just iced up and went into the channel. But we don’t know. With a mystery as popular and iconic as the Miller disappearance, there will always be conspiracy theories and adherence to other theories.”

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