Incredible! Wind Catches Door And Blows Little Girl Across The Porch!

March 10, 2017Mar 10, 2017

A little girl in Ohio is going viral after a video catches her flying through the air while holding onto the front door! 

Luckily, her mom was there to run over and pull her away from the door, which had pinned her to the siding of the house.

"So I run to her, I see her pinned against the siding of the house and the glass door, and I had to unlatch her from the handle and took her inside. She was scared and kind of embarrassed that we were laughing at her, but then we showed her the video and she was laughing too!" said her mom.

Watch the full clip in the video below!

Was this incredible or what?! How was she able to hold onto the door like that?

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