INCREDIBLE Video Of Baby Bison Battling Larger Wolf!

May 16, 2016May 16, 2016

A baby bison in Yellowstone National Park is swept downstream from its mother and stranded on a gravel bar. Alone, exhausted, and without food, it somehow survives the night. But then a large predator arrives.

Watch this incredible National Geographic video clip of what happens next:

Perhaps it would have been a good video for two foreign visitors to see before the incident that occurred last week. According to East Idaho News, a couple of tourists saw a baby bison and thought it was cold and abandoned. Ignoring park rules and taking matters into their own hands, they managed to grab the calf and put it in their vehicle.

A local visitor, Karen Richardson, who witnessed the incident said the bison "rescuers" drove to a ranger station and “were demanding to speak with a ranger. They were seriously worried that the calf was freezing and dying.”


After initially refusing rangers' orders to remove the bison, the tourists were cited by law enforcement. A photograph by Richardson of the captured bison went viral over the weekend.

Sadly, East Idaho News has just reported that the bison has died. Rangers repeatedly tried to get the bison's mother to accept it back but were unsuccessful. The calf was euthanized after it kept dangerously approaching cars and people in the roadway.