In Which State Was The First National Fast-Food Hamburger Chain In America Opened?

September 01, 2015Sep 01, 2015

The answer is: Kansas.  White Castle was founded in Wichita in 1921.  In 1933, they printed their first newspaper coupon, which offered 5 hamburgers for a whopping 10 cents.

Other interesting facts about The Sunflower state:

1. If you're in Kansas, you'd better put your whale-hunting gear away. A law forbids whale hunting in America's most inland state.

2. You'd better put your mule away, too, when around ducks.  It's illegal to use them to hunt ducks in Kansas.

3. Ever wonder who funds some scientific studies?  Well, here's one for you.  In a study, scientists compared the surface of well-cooked IHOP pancake to the surface of Kansas and determined that Kansas is indeed flatter than a pancake. Go, science!

4. A law in Topeka forbids singing the alphabet on the streets at night.  Bummer.

5. Schlitterbahn Water Parks in Verruckt opened the world's tallest waterslide last summer.  At 168 feet tall, it's higher than the Niagara Falls and Statue of Liberty.

6. American's first female mayor, Susan Madora Salter, was elected in Argonia in 1887.