In the Midst of NFL Protests, One Bar Took the Ultimate Stand on Veterans Day

November 13, 2017Nov 13, 2017

Over the past few months, conversations surrounding the NFL have had more to do with politics than with football. What started with Colin Kaepernick's solo-protesting has turned into several teams taking a knee during pre-game anthems. 

The #TakeAKnee protests escalated when President Trump called out the protestors in September. He said that football players who choose to kneel during the national anthem should not be given playing time. 

After, dozens of athletes have chosen to make a routine out of sitting, kneeling, or even walking away while the national anthem is playing. The protestors have said that they do not believe their actions are disrespectful toward veterans and that they simply want to bring light to equality issues within the nation. 

However, many Americans disagree with the protestors and say that kneeling during the national anthem is extremely disrespectful to those who have served the country. While only three players in the NFL opted to kneel on Veterans Day weekend, one bar did not want to show any disrespect toward veterans on the day designed for honoring them. 

A bar in New Jersey, Woody's Roadside Tavern, refused to show any NFL games over the weekend. Instead, they held a concert for to raise funds for veterans. 

The concert featured members of the country group After the Reign. According to Fox News, a portion of the proceeds on Sunday was donated to various veterans charities, including the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust. 

One co-owner of the bar, Chris Maltese, said that the idea was given by a customer and veteran. Maltese said that after thinking about it, they thought it was a great idea to turn off the football games. Instead, they wanted to organize a "patriotic event."

Rob Johnson, another co-owner, said that veterans drove from many distances to be a part of the event. The owners said that it was an honor to give something small back to those who had given everything to protect our freedom. 

He said, "Yesterday was the pinnacle of my life, to do something for the veterans first-hand in a local community."

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