In the Middle of Harvey’s Fury, Small Mattress Store Does the Incredible

August 29, 2017Aug 29, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey continues to dump 49 inches of rain (a record, according to the National Weather Service) and counting, people across America have answered the call to help out with relief efforts. Through donating food, money or supplies, to opening space for victims, the wealth of response has been both broad and overwhelming.

One such store in has stepped up. Gallery Furniture, located in Houston, has opened its doors to those in need of shelter and food, says owner Jim McIngvale. His efforts have attracted the attention of the nation.

“If you can safely join us, we invite you for shelter and food. God Bless,” he tweeted.

McIngvale said on CNN Tuesday that currently between 300 and 400 people are staying at each of his two stores.

“These are great people; they’re not harming the inventory,” he told CNN. “They are fine.”

According to The Hill, McIngvale is also providing food to those staying in his stores. He is able to do so because many food options lie close by, due to the hurricane.

“If we can do that and make their lives a little easier as they try and get things back together, then maybe we’ve done something right in our lives,” he said.

According to Fox News, 15 people have died from Hurricane Harvey, and officials predict that many more will be found dead after the floodwaters recede. One such person was a police officer who was swept away in his cruiser while heading trying to find a route to work. 

President Trump answered the call as well, making a bold move in the face of Hurricane Harvey. Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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