In Strange Turn of Events, 'Criminal Santa' is Forced to Call 911 Mid-Crime

December 19, 2017Dec 19, 2017

The holiday season is filled with family festivities, gift giving, and fun Christmas lights. While much of the season is about generosity, some people take advantage of the high Christmas spirits. 

On Monday, TIME reported that one man was arrested under a strange series of events. Jesse Berube, who lives in California, decided to burglarize a business building. 

Now, police are calling Berube "Criminal Santa." Why? Because the thief opted to slide down the chimney in order to break into the business. 

The plan failed, however, when Berube got stuck. Luckily, the criminal was able to reach for his phone and call 911 in order to get himself out of the sticky situation. The fire department had to come to the business and use special equipment in order to rescue Berube. 

The Citrus Heights Police Department issued a news release about the situation.

They said, "On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, our communication center received a 911 call from a male stating he was stuck inside of a chimney to a business located in the 6900 block of Greenback Lane. The male was identified as a 32-year-old Jesse Berbue, from Rocklin."

"CHPD officers, along with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department, arrived on scene and located Berube inside of the chimney," they continued. "Berube slid down the chimney in an attempt to gain entry into the business; however, Berube was unsuccessful and became lodged, and unable to exit the chimney. Fortunately, Berube was able to move just enough to call for help."

They concluded, "The fire department had to utilize special equipment to extricate Berube from the chimney. Berube was physically uninjured and was arrested for burglary."

The police department later tweeted, "Criminal Santa does not have the same skills as the real deal."

Luckily, the thief was not able to move forward with his crime. Hopefully, Criminal Santa is done with committing crimes for a while. In other uplifting news, a star athlete just donated his $10M home to a Christian camp for kids with disabilities.

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