Immigrant Says God Used Trump to Save Her from Suicide

July 18, 2017Jul 18, 2017

In a meeting last month between President Trump and a group of people who lost family members to crimes committed by illegal immigrants, one legal immigrant revealed how God used Trump to save her from suicide after her son was killed.

During a roundtable discussion in the White House’s Cabinet Room, the victim’s families told Trump about how their loved ones had been killed by people who weren’t even supposed to be in America and urged the president to continue to support a bill (H.R. 3003) to cut off taxpayer subsidies from sanctuary cities. Their stories were powerful and heartbreaking.

“We’ve lost everything. He was my only child,” said Julie Golvach, who lost her son Spencer when an illegal immigrant pulled up next to him at a stoplight and shot him in the head, according to the Texas Tribune. “I want some action. If this would have been done years ago, my son would still be here.”

“I’m tired of our politicians not caring about their fellow Americans,” Mary Ann Mendoza said passionately. “When did it ever become more important to our elected officials to protect illegal criminals in our country and not care about us [grieving family members].”

“The man that murdered my father was deported twice previously and returned to our country illegally,” Melissa Oliver-Storz said as she sat next to Trump. “This senseless crime has affected my family and I in many ways that are unexplainable. The pain is tremendous. It’s something we’ll never get over. We need our police officers to have more information about these people that our in our country illegally so we can go ahead and get them detained so this can’t happen to another family.”

Juan Pina described the brutal torture and murder of his daughter Christie Sue and said, “What I think Mr. President here is trying to do is the best thing ever. And if you need a pen with a lot of ink, I’ve got one of those, too. We’ve got to put our people safe. They protect [illegal immigrants]. That’s not right. Americans first.”

Michelle Root, the mother of Sarah who was killed by a highly intoxicated illegal immigrant, according to the Washington Post, said the blood of future victims was on the hands of lawmakers who did not sign the anti-sanctuary cities bill and others like it.

Then Sabine Durden told her stunning tale of attempted suicide, telling the room, “I’m a legal immigrant, and I [came into America] the right way.”

Durden had a law enforcement officer son Dominic who was killed when a drunk illegal immigrant turned in front of his motorcycle, according to CBS News. She said she wanted to kill herself so that she could be with her son. Then Trump announced he was running for president.

“On June 16th, when you came down that escalator, and you mentioned those words ‘illegal immigration,’ I was walking through my living room and I dropped to my knees,” Durden related. “Because it was my little sign from God, ‘You’re not doing anything. You stay around.’ And a month later, I met you personally in Los Angeles, where you were the only one that ever met with us and became our voice.”

“So you’re not only my hero, my president, you are my life-saver. I wouldn’t be here without you,” she concluded.

Conservative media analyst Mark Dice brought the video of that meeting with Trump to light on Tuesday (PARENTAL WARNING: Brief but grisly details not intended for children):

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