I’m Confident Hayley Kiyoko Is The One

Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley.
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Wedding bells ringing? Becca TilleyAfter going public with her girlfriend, she is feeling on top of the world.Hayley Kiyoko.

“I feel really good. It’s such a weird thing because we’ve been together for four years and we’ve been living openly,” the Bachelor alum, 33, told E! News at iHeartRadio’s KIISFM Wango Tango over the weekend. “Everyone who’s around us knows, but it just hasn’t been on social media.”

Tilley and Kiyoko launched their romance in May via the singer’s “For the Girls” music video, which was Bachelorette-themed. The “Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad” podcast host previously referred to her significant other as “95 p” on her show after making a comment about being “95 percent” sure she would marry her then-unnamed partner.

“We’re in a really good place. I feel pretty good about the number being higher than 95,” Tilley told E! NewsWhen asked about the nickname.

The former ABC personality spoke out about feeling relieved when he went public.

“I think having that pressure taken off of not having to worry about posting something with her in it or her posting something with me in it. That part has been really nice,” she said. “I realized this is so much bigger than me and my relationship and my personal experience because if it helped anyone feel comfortable or brave to be comfortable with who they fall in love with, then that’s way bigger than me and my fears and what I was scared of. It’s very humbling to read comments like that and realize the significance of something as simple as falling in love and sharing that.”

Tilley continued: “It’s a very personal thing and in any relationship. Whether it’s a same-sex relationship or a hetero relationship, I think there shouldn’t be pressure from people who don’t know you or shouldn’t have an opinion on your personal life.”

The former reality star first met Kiyoko at her album launch party in 2018, and they were officially together less than a week later.

“We basically were long-distance for the first year,” Tilley previously revealed on “Scrubbing In” last month. “I would fly out to, you know, different tour destinations. … I think the longest was the month she went on her European tour. We tried to see each others every two weeks. But, I mean, since the day we met, we spoke non-stop every day. Like there was never like, a ‘Oh, what is [this?]’ … We knew, and it was fast.”

Kiyoko, on the other hand, addressed Tilley’s love story in her Teen VogueCover story, which was dropped this month.

“It is one thing to discover your authentic truth, but to share it takes a lot of courage as we all know. She has had to navigate a lot of hardship in her journey, and I’ve been honored to be by her side through it all,” the singer said. “It is not my place to speak for her, but it does feel amazing to get to share the love I have for her with the rest of the world.”

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