Presidential Campaign Manager, Billionaire TV Exec Found Dead in Spain

February 25, 2019Feb 25, 2019

A well-known television executive has just been found dead in Spain. According to reports, the executive has been identified as Igor Malashenko.

Igor was a media executive who helped to co-found an independent TV channel in Russia. The channel was known for publicly criticizing President Vladimir Putin. It was very controversial in the strict country.

Igor's body was discovered while he was in Spain. He was only 64-years-old. At this time, officials are investigating his cause of death. Early reports from Russian media sites claim it potentially was suicide.

"Malashenko co-founded and served as the president of NTV, a channel that routinely criticized current Russian President Vladimir Putin during his first term in office, Reuters reports. It changed its tune after the Russian government purchased it in 2000. Malashenko got into politics by joining Boris Yeltsin’s campaign team to help steer him to a presidential victory in 1996, The Moscow Times added," according to Fox News.

In recent years, Igor served as the campaign manager for the presidential challenger to Putin, Ksenia Sobchak. They lost the election by a massive margin. Sobchak took to social media to address the news.

“Igor Malashenko has killed himself. I can’t pull myself together,” Sobchak said Monday on a messaging app, The Moscow Times reported, citing the Vedomosti business daily newspaper. “I’m grateful to him for our joint work on the presidential campaign. I saw him as a very proper and creative person. I’m proud he headed my campaign.”

Join us in praying for his family and friends who are mourning his loss at this time.

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