Iggy Azalea Laughs At Playboi Carti’s Claims He Takes Care Of Her!!

Playboi Cari spoke highly about his baby mama Iggy Azalea in a recent interview and also stated that he takes great care of her.

“Iggy is a wonderful mom. I love her to death. I’m single. She’s single now. She’s still one of the most amazing mothers in the world. That’s all you have to do, I hear you. I love her to death. He said that she is the most wonderful mother in the world.” XXL was told by him.

He said, “I’m the father.” You understand what I am saying. You’re familiar with the struggles of having children. Carti said that she just took on more responsibilities. “I pay a lot. I take care a lot of people. I take care of mom. I take care of my family. I take care of my baby mama [and]I take care my son. There are many people I take care. It’s like, I gotta continue doing it.”